Bobby Mars

March 11, 2024

FUck! Shit fuck. Fuck!

AI e-girls

Bobby Mars

February 15, 2024

The next phase in the gender war

The Manor

Bobby Mars

October 24, 2023

Bobby has his own "Eyes Wide Shut" style episode ten years ago in nyc...

Mrs. Robinson r u trying to seduce me

Glass Delusions

October 23, 2023

To Trad Wife or not to Trad Wife...

Trad Wives

Bobby Mars

October 13, 2023

Bobby Mars is here to address the most pressing issue of our day—gorgeous, gorgeous girls...


Steven Popa

September 5, 2023

you'll understand better when you're my age

Leaked DMs

Bobby Mars


August 30, 2023

Sir, they leaked the DMs. FBI agents are on the way.

Returning to the Vomit

Han Jancock

August 30, 2023

Dogs return to their vomit.

The Butcher


August 28, 2023

"He recalled his mother’s wide face, curled at the lips and bright near the crown of her head—she warned him again now, furious in his imagination."


Bobby Mars

August 23, 2023

I'm gonna be sick.

Fuck John Hancock

Han Jancock

August 17, 2023

Robert Adams proclaims, "It is the responsibility of artists to pay attention to the world, pleasant or otherwise, and to help us live respectfully in it."

Letter from the Editor

Bobby Mars

August 15, 2023

We're tired of all the supposedly “based dissident right wing” arts and culture mags that take themselves so seriously...