Letter from the Editor

Bobby Mars

August 15, 2023

We're tired of all the supposedly “based dissident right wing” arts and culture mags that take themselves so seriously. We're sick to death of the whining about how bad the culture is and how bad art has become. The editorial staff of xxx42069 (aka Bobby Mars) endeavors to create something new, deeply unserious and strikingly generative.

This publication will serve as a forum for a panoply of contributors to write, speak, think, and promote the most outlandish ideas under the sun. The only rule being, don’t be fucking lame. No whining, no phoney disgust for the poor, drug addicted, obese, degenerated masses of the western world. They have enough problems without yet ANOTHER website (or god forbid a twitter account) reposting their content just to make fun of them. Zero tolerance for all schadenfreude and disgust, here we make new things.

Here we are GENERATIVE of new directions and esoteric meaning. Mere criticism is not enough to make new things. The man in the arena… that’s who we strive to be. The one who makes things, who dares to create, damn the chirping of the cowardly critical elements. Let no journalistic leeches suck our blood!

One thing we will also never do is grift, financially manipulate, or profit directly from our contributors in any way. Inshallah we’ll pay them one day, when Peter Thiel starts funding us (Hi Peter we love u). We certainly won’t do what all the awful normie art world publications love to do (looking at you and set up some faux “membership” plan for ten bucks a month so that you can submit content that won’t get featured anyways. How do those shameless grifters live with themselves?

No, we’ll keep publishing our silly little HTML Web 1.0 aesthetic blog as an objet d’art in itself for as long as we feel like it. We’ll do it for free, even, until some rich guy wants to pays us. Or until Elon Musk buys this domain name for $10 million United States Dollars.

You mad? Are you mad about this?

Get mad for me baby, you know I like it when you’re angry. Better anger and hatred than apathy, the worst crime is always apathy. Time to go touch grass and make something new darling, you and me against the world. You’re always safe when I’m around. Tfw thinking of u hurting :(

xoxo Bobby Mars, Founder and Editor-in-Chief